What She’s About

She’s about running in the rain, dancing like a loon, holding hands like you mean it, kissing and hugging whenever wherever with whoever you feel like it, mooshing babies, mooshing her dog Lily, reading from sunup to sundown for days without end amen, women empowerment, LGBT empowerment, child empowerment, dog empowerment, empowerment of the poor, hating poverty with every fiber in her being, hating oppression, loves trees, oceans, sleeping under the stars, swimming in the open sea, her children, her husband, her girlfriends, her guy friends, all the men she’s ever loved, her father, her mother, big beds, even bigger pillows, the perfectly soft boiled eggs, scalding hot coffee, gazing for hours at a full moon, gazing for hours at a sky full of stars, a house full of books, shadows, catching daylight, living this one life with amazement, bleeding on paper, her mother’s songs, chocnut.

This is some of the things she’s about.