Rose Tattoo

So I was at a party a few nights ago and found myself between two women who asked me and each other this party question: what top 3 things would you do when you retire?

Their answers bewildered me: paint, sing, dance, travel, write.

You mean you’re going to wait till you’re 65 till you allow yourself to do all THAT? I do all that at a drop of a hat and I am nowhere near retirement. Watdafrakk.

I almost threw a fit.

Life waits for no one, I said. Go do all that now. Who cares if you can’t draw a good enough horse (excuse #1)? Do it for you. Be fearless with your art.

Who cares if it might sound corny if you tell your loved one how happy he makes you and that he loves you so well? (excuse #2) Go put those words together already and give it to the beloved.

So what if all you can dance is a deranged version of the funky chicken? (excuse #3) Would you believe I think that’s the best kind of dance?

Who cares if you need to travel with squawking chickens as seat mates to finally see Sagada? (excuxe #4) GO! NOW. Kahit pa yung kabilang seatmate mo kambing.

Who cares if all you want to sing is Diomedes Maturan’s ‘Rose Tatttoo’? (excuse #5)
I do. Pero di naman kita kapitbahay so sing away. Hehe..joke lang. Kebs. KUMANTA KA NA KASI.

What do you think life is? A dress rehearsal? Something we put on hold till we retire? I dunno. People have been known to die before retirement, you know.



And it just made me real sad because after my fevered speech, they looked at me like i was speaking Fookien.

Blink. Blink. OK, sorry I asked that question. I was merely being polite. This is just a party no? Small Talk Central. Sineryoso mo sobra. You were supposed to just say your list and smile and so we could go to question #2: Anong zodiac sign mo?


So yeah, while they depressed the hell out of me, I am relieved to know I do not have that darned ‘retirement list’ which is just a nice way of saying “I am postponing living because I can’t draw a horse.”

I really liked these women (pretty cool) but let’s not be like them ok?

We will not be a repository of dead dreams, ok?

Instead we will fling to the world courageously our creations, however humble. Go to whatever part of the world is calling to us. Love people you love like you truly mean it. And when we die, there will be no dreams left inside us because we made them all happen. Or at the very least, tried with all our might.

We die with a smile, ok?

Go have a great time reaching for your stars, my dear rock star friends.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Joy says:

    Doc, thank you for sharing with us your eye-opening article. It”s full of truth and wit. More power

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi joy, so happy to have given you this.


  2. Frances says:

    Thank you for the pep talk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you’re welcome, frances


  3. dineasuelo says:

    This is such a good advice. 😀 It’s like multi-tasking. One should not wait for something just to do things she/he can actually do without it.

    Liked by 1 person

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