The Many Uses Of a Narcissist

This is for some of my friends. You know who you are. 😀

Of what use are the douche bags in your life I’ve often wondered. And the answers come fast and furious. It’s just one of those questions that are too easy to answer, you would need to give me a cap of 100 reasons and a time limit to answer that question because I could go on and on and on.

Like some worn out toothbrush with bristles bent and parting like the red sea, that sleaze bag has some use besides being a cautionary tale our mothers and fathers scare us with for the bogey man they are.

So let me skip “as ass wipe”–too bitter–and get down to the brass tacks.

A douche will teach you to stand up for yourself. Will teach you the value of the words, “STOP. GO NO FURTHER.” And “GET OUT. NOW.” Will teach you to look inside yourself and see where this devastating pain comes from and see that it comes from you knowing in your bones, your worth and seeing what he thinks your worth is and seeing the huge HUGE discrepancy and you finally saying, WOAH. STOP. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH.

If a douche ever teaches you this, then he was worth it.

A douche bag causes massive pain and destruction wherever he goes. He can’t help it. He is deeply flawed and full of self loathing. And you can never love another any more than you love yourself and so he has nothing to give you but his deep hatred for self. And the wounds he inflicts on you, while deep can never be any deeper than the wounds he has inflicted on himself.

And so you need to let go, with compassion, of the chokehold you have on this deviant slimeball and know that he was sent to you merely to teach you lessons so powerful, they have this vast potential to define you and the life you mean to live. So say goodbye, wish him well. And never look back.

And never again touch him. Not even in your memory. Do not be cruel in memory but neither elevate him. He is scum. Nothing more, nothing less. Call a spade a spade and a scum a scum.

A douche bag was sent to you. You allowed him in your life because you needed to learn important lessons. And he has played his part well if he broke you and caused you to say, in the midst of your brokenness, “No. This is not how it ends with me on my knees. I get to say how it ends and it ends with me defiantly looking you in the eye and saying, ‘I know who I am.’ And I know what you are. Someone like you doesn’t ever get a say who I am. Now get out, scum.”

That’s what a douche is good for.

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